Top 20 Japanese Girls

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Japan is a very unique place for a lot of reasons, the food, the culture, the buildings, but most importantly the girls. Japanese celebrities, more so than in other Asian countries seem to be selected for their larger than life chests, and when paired with the petite Japanese bodies, makes a deadly combination. Not to mention the smiles from these girls, or on the flipside, the way that they can look just a little bit sad, but look so good doing it. With no further ado, here is our list of out Top 20 Hottest Japanese Girls.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Ryoko Kuninaka: Okinawan Actress & Singer

Ryoko makes the list for having that sexy, yet contemporary look.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Reon Kadena: Up and Comer

Because we hope it isn’t too long until we start seeing her in movies and TV like she wants.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Ayumi Kinoshita: Japanese Dream Idol

Ayumi just has that look to die for.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Nonami Takizawa: Gifted Japanese Hottie

For having an astounding body.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Mihiro Taniguchi: Loves To Lick

This baby-faced cutie oozes sex appeal.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Jyuri Takahashi: Baby Face Beauty

Because it would be hard to find a girl much hotter than her.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Nao Nagasawa: Fun Time Idol

Because she’s not just incredibly hot, she’s smart too.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Aki Hoshino: Thirty Something?

This thirty year old babe still looks to be in her late teens. God, we love Asian girls.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Sora Aoi: A Sight For Sore Eyes

Her last name has three vowels, but she’s also got F’s.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Fumina Hara: Japanese Idol

She’s one of Japan’s top models, but really needs to come work in America.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Miwa Oshiro: Nice and Sweet

Maria has that sexy look with just the right amount of naughty mixed in.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Yuma Asami: Japanese Songstress

One word. Top-heavy.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Yoko Matsugane: Fully Loaded

Yoko Matsugane is like having your cake and eating it too.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Saki Seto: Premium Saki

With a name like Saki, she’s got to be a lot of fun.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Aya Kiguchi: Actress, Idol, & Race Queen

It doesn’t get more cute and innocent looking than Aya Kiguchi

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Kana Tsugihara: Japan’s Leading Lady

For taking Japan by storm.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Jun Natsukawa: Yakuza Game Model

We just can’t get enough of this girl.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Chisato Morishita: From Race Show Girl to Singer

For coming up the ranks from car show girl, to singer.

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Haruna Yabuki: Singer & Swimsuit Model

Just look at those eyes.

and last, but not least…

Top 20 Japanese Girls
Asami Konno: Japanese Pop Star

Because this Japanese pop star deserves some American fame.

We hope you enjoyed this Top 20 Japanese Girls article!


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