Actors- Now And Then

Acting is a hard work. Entering the character, preparing for the roll, transformation. All the things they must do, so when they cry, you feel like crying, and when they joke, you feel like smiling. It’s a fact that there are very popular actors, who even after a great career experience, still don’t not know how to represent their character to the audience, in the right way . But luckily for us, there are those who had it in their little finger, before they could read and write. Just a little reminder, Anna Paquin, the star of the “True Blood”, won the Oscar as a eleven year old girl for her role in the “Piano”.

Dakota Fanning

Christina Ricci

Kirsten Dunst

Leonardo DiCaprio

Natalie Portman

Scarlett Johansson

Elijah Wood

Lindsay Lohan

Angelina Jolie

Reese Witherspoon

Tom Cruise

Macaulay Culkin

Jessica Biel

Drew Barrymore

Haley Joel Osment

Patrick Dempsey

Anna Paquin

Christian Bale

Jessica Alba

Matt Dilon

Nicole Kidman

Kurt Russell

Brad Pitt

Jodie Foster

Jonathan Lipnicki

Michelle Trachtenberg

Jason Bateman

Tatum O’Neal

Kristen Stewart

Johnny Depp

Sarah Jessica Parker

Jaleel White

Mario Lopez

Christian Slater

Matthew Broderick

Kevin Bacon

Neil Patrick Harris

Alyssa Milano

Jennifer Connelly



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